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Option 1: Private Classes Online

Book a zoom session with me and we can look at any aspect of the style that you are interested in.

These classes are ideal if you already have some level of Training.

May be you would like personalised corrections to your performance of San Zhan or to look at specific movements and how they can be interpreted. Or may be you are interested in Academic aspects of the style and would like some personal feedback on movement derivations , linguistic connections.  more information

Option 2: Residential Retreat  in Mallorca

 Come and stay in mallorca for anything from 2 days to a week. Train which every days you like up to 4 hours a day. Stay either here in the house or in a local hotel. Combine your interest in the style with an awesome holiday experience in the mediterranean island of Mallorca. more information

Option 3: Weekly Training

If you live here - come and train as part of our group lessons. For these you will need to have 6 lessons on your own with me to get up to speed. Build this stuff into your weekly schedule and get as strong, hot and deadly as your dedication allows you. Contact me directly for more information on [email protected]