White Crane kung fu retreat
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We run bespoke training holidays in Mallorca.

The training is ong gong shr yong chun white crane kung fu. It is tailored to suit the people training.

We have run courses for complete beginners, teachers from other systems who are interested to learn about Yong Chun white crane and white crane Practitioners who want to work on or advance in specific areas of the system.

Accommodation is in an incredible mountain top monastry either in shared or single accommodation.

Formal training is 4-5 hours a day, with the additional time free to explore the mountains, beaches and villages of the island.

The cost is dependant on the specific course requirement and the number of people training but as a rough guide training plus accommodation ( excluding food ) works out as:

1 student - 165 EU per day
2 students - 110 EU per day
3 students - 80 EU per day
4 or more students -  60 EU per day