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All About Me!!

Yes it's my favourite page where I get to tell you about me!!! Here is my martial arts history in a nutshel - I will keep filling this in an then eventually I wont be around any more and the page can be printed , burnt with my coffin and shot off into space.


Age 16 Start Hiken Kempo karate (Ed Parker's chinese system). 1 belt every year.
Under the fantasic, elusive and now reclusive Mr Haig who has now gone on to renounce the entire system!!
I know why now...Still anything which has 60 self defense techniques in the first 3 belts is kind of challenging.
Think they only do 5 per belt now.
Age 19 University of Surry. Selected by me primarily for its DOJO and the promise of working in a country where you can ski for a year.
Don't like anything taught so embark on trying everything - results dependant on teacher:
  • Shotokan ( Big Bad Bully )
  • Aikido ( Just....awsome!! )
  • Silat ( What is going on here? - teacher unfortunately then deported back to Indonesia!!)
  • Savate ( Taght by the mild mannered and most awsome Hong Kong Fueyesque cleaner janitor )
Age 20 Still at university. Learn Lau Gar Tiger and Crane form from a mystery lab technician 1 move per day ...
Age 21 Germany. Practise that lovely form!!
Age 22 A wing chwun club opens at the university. Leung Ting version through Nick Smart. I become convinved that wing chwun is the answer to everything!
Age 21 More of the sticky handy stuff!
Age 22 Want to go to China. End up in Taiwan learning Chinese. Look at some Wing Chwun but spend most of the time up a mountain with 2 Americans who want to be Hemmingway while I want to be Bruce Lee. Mostly hang out a local Tai Kwan do club.
Age 22 Go to Yong Chwun as have been told that is the origin of the Style yong Chwun. They only do white crane there. Am too confused to keep searching so check out the schools there and go with Pan Chung Miouw on local consistent recommendation.


Spend much time destroying my hard worked on Wing Chwun stance and vow never to go through that again i.e. to keep the Crane stance whatever!! Train solidly 7 hours / day for 6 weeks.

Realise this is not the answer to life as I have not had sex for .......well a bloody long time!!

Go Home to England.

Age 23 Back for more!!! This time singapore for a month with the two teachers from Yong Chwun. Now have too much to practise so stop learning new forms.
Age 24 Get girlfreind / life!!
Age 30 Suspicions on jin energy etc. (Still moulding in).
--- up to 34 Just keep practising and getting older and slower....
Interludes in Indonesia looking at Bangau Putih and Japan Looking at Euichi Ryu.
oops forgot 32 Get Baby.
34 1/2 Dieter points out during drunken conversation that practice iteself is the target or has he says 'Ubing ist das Zeil' ( philosophy sounds much better in german..) Very bloody obvious but this clarifies some issues for me.
35 Move to small mountain village in Spain.
Opportunity for more training in the village style ( early morning - no more push ups for warm ups can finally crack Ba Shou properly !! )
Start Group of interested people to work with.
35 next... Realise I better be sure what I am talking about so start this web site in preparation for going back to China this Summer to get taken apart again by Mr Huang ( if he is still alive ..... )

35 next... Great trip to china. Start a little club in Alaro.
36 - oops.. Another baby - Jacob Gabrielle
Back in Alaro - start to make Jung Hai Wu Shu Guan ( middle sea Wu Shu Guan ). Realise how hard it is to carve those damn chinese characters in wood for the door...
Ooops - another baby - starting to impede on training..... - start teaching kids chinese with the kung fu- lingua kung fu is born.

Continue studying / training / started teaching some seminars - continue making many friends
More seminars - has small groups of people coming to visit / train in Mallorca
still going....... our white crane spreading nicely in russia, germany
Still progressing - although not always in the correct direction forcing kids to have some training.