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Three Battles


The first form we do is called three battles. To be precise it is called "qi bu shuang shou san zhan" which means "seven step double hands three battles"


We consider the 3 areas of perfection to be


  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Behaviour ( spirit )



Although the physical aspects of our arts are apparent the mental theraputic elements only become apparent through long term practice.


As the well known hong kong psychotherapy practicioner Puihan Joyce Chao says in her article therapy through activity -


"not only are the mind and body are one -

it is fallacy to seperate the body of the outer ( Wai Gong ) and the inner ( Nei Gong )

as the body externally is activated so are the internal parts, through to the the blood and thoughts of the mind"


These areas are in a state of tension. It is very difficult to balance the states. Although elements of each are contained within the other, there are aspects of contradiction. In particular, the ethic or spirit is no just the Wu De of relationships within the context of a martial community, but are required to extend beyond that. The practical implication of this is that your mind and spirit require space of expression seperate from the martial and the actual practice. When one sees that the only pure form of martial arts ( where it totally satisfies its of definition ) is the activity of practice itself, then it becomes apparent the difficulty of expressing all the aspects when not doing martial arts.