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Training regime

We are training in a fairly traditional way. In our club we do not have belts or levels as such but it is possible to divide things up into 3 levels.


First Level ish

At the start of your training there are some basic exercises you need to be able to do to join in. These are:

San Zhan

This is a kung fu form - video clip included below

7 Movement Pole

This is a short pole workout routine

Arm Conditioning

This is bashing your arms together

Second Level

The following forms:

Shr San Tai Bau (see clip below)

Chuan Xin Zhong

Da Chian tz Da

Xiow Chian tz Da

Much more partner work.

It would be expected for the student to visit the clubs of traditional karate and wing chun at some point - not for cross training just to see.

Third level

It is best if at this point students visit either China or one of the other clubs in Europe which are training this style for a short visit. That would be either in Germany or in Russia.

It would be hoped that student would take an interest in chinese or investigate something to do with what we are training.

May be more forms.

More partner stuff

May be a weapon - but really should visit china.