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Yong Chun White Crane Kung Fu Book - ISBN_9781387304790

I have collected a large part of my knowledge and understanding and put this in the form of a book.  You can find more information about the contents of the book here: yong_chun_white_crane_book.html

The history , techniques and traditions of white crane kung fu from Yongchun , Fujian. This guide gives an overview of the main lineages and wushuguans teaching white crane in the county of Yongchun. Referencing previously un published chinese texts and aural material. A more detailed look is made at the Weng Gong Ci wushuguan expounding the forms, theories and training techniques. A comparative analysis is made with other styles including correlation with section of the japanese bubishi. An overview for beginners, a guide for travellers and some detailed information for those already training in yongchun white crane or related styles.

You can get the book here in black and white:


 hope this can be of help to people who want to understand more about the style and how it is trained. If anyone has questions about sections of the book I will expand the content via clips and explanations on this site.