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Yong Chun White Crane Kung Fu in Ukraine

There is a man in Ukriane who has a facebook page titled

yong chun white crane research ukraine

. It is branded with the logo of one of the white crane organisations in Yong Chun. To my knowledge this is not related in any way to that organisation - and there is no permission given to use that logo. I may be wrong. I will check next time I am in china. I think he may have studied a little Bak Mei and Tai Chi. I am not sure. Outside his own house and the internet it seems he is unknown. On it he dedicates much time to attacking me and anyone who has studied in china at the place I train. I believe his name to be Андрей Потапов - ( Andrey Potapov ). Much what he writes is ficticious and I try to ignore it. However when I am informed that he has mention me personally I address his some of his claims here. I shall add to this page as I see thing appear.

1. He has for some time been talking about a book which he claims was plagerised in the 1980s. I know the book that he is talking about but this is the first time I have heard that it is plagerised. He was initally so confusing on this subject that I though he was accusing me of pagerising it.

2.He claims I am sort of re-interpreting or branding the kung fu I train - I hope this is not true. My aim is and always has been to encourage people to go and train in China with any of the schools there. I recommend some of the schools with what I consider the most interesting people and lineages in my book for people to explore.

3. He claims that Pan Xiong Qi Shr Fu holds a 7th Duan grading from the local associations. This is not true - as far as I am aware when the grading systems were first formed Pan Xiong Qi Shr Fu was awarded an 8th degree grading. This particularly stupid claim is what has prompted me to write this page. The ins and outs of people and grades of people in China or outside from the Yong Chun county are very simple to understand and explain if you take the time to visit, find out who is who and train with a club there.

4. The gym I train at does have some excellent people in Russia and the Ukraine. Like many clubs we have representative which are people who are of a certain have trained in China. The listing for these can be found on our European site http://yongchun-white-crane.eu/ This website lists the representative of the Wen Gong Ci gym in Europe - I would be suprised if any of us claimed to be any more than that.

5. Our representative in Ukraine is Victor Potyomkin who is an exceedingly decent chap and I have trained with him in Moscow. He has been training in this style since 2011, and trained in other styles for 10 years before that. He has visited China many times and trained with people there. His web site is http://www.white-crane-ukraine.com .

6. He says that I am part of a Hung Gar federation. No idea where this comes from - I am not and only train our white crane. I am not part of any federation - I am part of the Wen Gong Ci gym in that I am one of their representative and have been for many many years. For any other checking if anyone is coubtful then best check directly with the head of the gym, or failing that with the regional government offical yong chun grading body.

7. Andrey Potapov has never to my knowledge trained with any white crane teacher either inside or outside of China.

8. He claims I have criticised his students with youtube comments. This is not true - I have only ever written encouraging comments on the internet for his students.

9. He claims I have advertised that I am teaching in Poland on his channel - this was not my intent - my intent was to let him know that I am teaching in poland in case he wants to come and see what our stuff , or more specifically I, feel like in person in training.

10. I have over the years worked to promote the style as trained in various clubs in Yong Chun through teaching, writing and social media and I encourage anyone to travel and train with people who have experience which , yes, tends to come with lineage but not necessarily. I have been very gratified to see the growth in awareness of this style and good representatives of many of the groups in Yong Chun and Southern china "spreading their wings"

11. I am blocked from replying to any comments about me on that Facebook page - but in any case my experience of trying to deal with Andrey rationally is prone to descend pretty quickly into insults and detract from any meaningful correction - Andrey is one of these guys that would benefit from simply taking the time and going and seeing and training with some people from ours or any other schools in China . I say from ours but I personally would stay well clear of him as he seems a little bit unstable to put it mildly. However, this would either confirm his understanding of what the style is, or correct it. Either way if he were part of a school it would be nice. He is clearly passionate enough - I am sure someone will take a chance and adopt him if he gets to china one day. -