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Ron Goninan - WRCI - White crane research institute

Ron Goninan is well known as a person with many more credentials than his actual study time with a teacher should reflect.
Many years ago he came onto my radar by  claiming to be a qualified yong chun white crane teacher in spite of the fact he had never been to yong chun or trained with any person who had trained in Yong Chun.After I persuaded himt to drop that claim, he claimed to be teaching Ruan Dong Shr Fu  Fuzhou crane - once more never having actually met Ruan Dong Shr Fu.
He has created his own organisation called the WCRI ( White Crane Rearch Instutute ) with him as the grand master. Under this name he gives internet grades to other people in spite of never having met them.
Ron Goninans grades are many any comical. In 2016 he was claiming to be 10th Duan recognised by some official organisation in China ( see photo below from the International Kung Fu Federation website ). Needless to say these are all kind of made up , "bestowed" on him and then referenced in his own material.
It is difficult to convey the absurdity of this ( there are only 9 duans in the official chinese white crane and five ancestor governmental systems ). He claims to represent teaches whom he has never met ( e.g Master Ruan Dong ).
In his own words "He is without a doubt one of the most proficient and knowledgeable White Crane Masters in the world and he is a leading light in the Chinese Dim Mak arts." Recently a person in spain popped up out of nowhere with a 7th Dan qualification in White Crane Kung fu. To my knowledge that teacher has never met or trained with a southern white crane teacher. This is a concern for me, as I like the idea that when you go to see someone who has a qualification in  Southern White Crane they should be able to show you a little what it is about ( and it is a very interesting system ). - any mis-representation can only be to the detriment of the name of the system and confuse other issues for researchers. That person in Spain has now decided not to use the WCRI grades to represent a style which he has never trained.
Ocassionally he goes too far, is taken to court and has to retract his wilder claims ( e.g from the Australian Sports Commission here)
For More information and horror stories about Ron just type his name into google and read anything about him which is not written by him.
I am not the first person to have issues with Ron and will no doubt not be the last. However as I come accross his internet certified white crane members in Europe I will certainly try to convince them of the blunder they will be committing by associating themselves with him and highlighting the disparity between their "Ron Grades" and more traditional routes to aquiring a qualification.
There are a few good people in Europe doing White Crane both inside and outside of the yong chun group I am involved with. Aquiring a White Crane qualification over the in internet from Ron Goninan will certainly put you on the wrong side of my SEO.