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Zoom classes with me for you, your friends or as a treat for your club with a projector


Hi I am Martin Watts and have been doing white crane since I first went to china in 1993 -

I have met many people who know their style is somehow historically related to crane. You may even have learned a kata based on a crane form.

But have you wondered what yong chun white crane is about?

Let me come up with a perfect lesson plan for your to achieve your goals or have your questions answered.

You will receive…

・ A personalized in-depth 1:1 lesson plan tailored to your exact needs, for YOU to check off on.

・Online 1:1 private coaching sessions using HD Video Call Service “Zoom

・Recorded video of our lesson to use for your review.

Unlimited feedback on our closed facebook group. That includes clips of other practitioners and my feedback on them.

You dont need much…

Wifi connection
Any clothes you’re comfortable exercising in (karate uniform isn’t compulsory)
PC or phone with a camera

Frequently asked questions

How many classes do I need as a minimum?
→You can just take one class if you are looking for feedback or informatio about one part of White Crane that is no problem

Can I do these with a friend or 2....or a club.....?
→Why not! sounds fun. The more the merrier - stick me on a projector and lets all join in!!

Does online training work?
→Yes! there are many parts of the trianing that can be learnt online. However that is only a part of the training you can do.

How often do I need a class?
→This is completely up to you. May be you want to takle some new material and have time to train it on your own, post it into the group for some feeback and then when you are happy come back to a private class with me. Or may be you prefer to work on a regular weekly basis with me correcting as we go.

I don’t know when I will have free time… Could you adjust the time of the lesson flexibly?
→Of course! I will be happy to adjust the time every week/month according to our schedule!

Is the video quality going to be fine? Video chats tend to be blurry…
→I use the HD version of zoom, which gives crisp images

Do you accept beginners?
Anybody is welcome to take my class! However if you are a complete beginner you may get more value for money on one of my weekly group zoom classes.