Body Equilibrium
Personal Training

Body Equilibrium workouts balance fitness needs against fitness requirements.

White crane full body exercises designed to stretch your body and mind using traditional training implements , choreography and partner work. Take advantage of personal training in Alaro mallorca to explore this.

We are particularly interested in posture from the perspective of muscules, bones and tendons when under flow conditions. It's not the same as anything else. It's personal.



Flow is the study of the balance between ease, boredom, frustration and difficulty. Body Equilibrium is working to get you towards a flow state where the level of mental stimulation is such that the absorbtion of execution overrides the sense of time passing. Following private training in Alaro mallorca you can practice this where ever you go.

Increasingly complex movements become neurologically channel deepened to a point where the exertion of the exercise is as simple as water flowing down a stream. This mental challenge of the workout is a distinguishing feature. Flow is a clinically studied mental state in psychology predominantly associated with the psychologist psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.



Martin Watts is known in martial arts circles as a white crane kung fu teacher and trainer having first trained in China in 1993. He has taught seminars and lectured in England, Spain, Russia, Poland and Germany.

He has taught personal and specialised workshops using the tools of kung fu partner work to explore the concepts of personal boundaries to psychological retreats for both patients and practitioners.

He is a published author in English and Spanish. He currently resides in Alaro, Mallorca where he teaches.




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