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Three Battles 三戦


將軍掛印 (a general hangs the stamp),

兩手分白鶴爪身邊下落 (two hands separate, the claws of the crane go down from the sides of the body),

進右足 (forward the right foot),

雙手仙人戽水 (both hands of the fairy hold the water up),

雙龍搶珠 (two dragons snatch a pearl),

後束回 (then contract back),

進三步同 (forward three equal steps),

退三步同前 (retreat three steps, then forward three steps OR retreat three equal steps and forward one step),

進右足 (enter left foot),

飛鳳展翅 (a flying phoenix spreads her wings),

加刀剪芙蓉 (add a knife to cut the lotus flowers),

霸王開弓 (a swaggering king stretches open a bow),

左弓右弓 (left bow, right bow),

左箭右箭 (left arrow, right arrow),

獅子開口 (a lion opens the mouth),

請拳 (kindly offer the fist),

兩星墮地 (two stars drop towards the ground)。