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Video resources below on this page

Martin Watts - white crane kung fu from yong chun fu jian / fujian

Train with us

There are 4 options for training with us: Yong Chun is a town in Fu Jian.Pan Chung Miao is a the head of one of 4 active lineages of White Crane in Yong Chwun. ( see map and more info ) Fu Jian is a province in South China.Yong Chwun is also a type of Kung fu. However in Yong Chun they practise White Crane Kung Fu ( Bai He Chuen ).

We practice in Palma de Mallorca, Mondays and Thursdays for adults at 8:30. Telephone: 971 510 046. A great amount of our time is spent practicing the little form below which is called 3 battles

Hablamos espanol, English und shreckliche deutch. Yau bu ran, ni yau jiang guo yu - na gen hau. If you want to come a vist us - fantastic - especially if you are a traditional kung fu player you will be most welcome.

Through this site I have got in contact with players all over the world, and helped people get in contact with each other. Drop me an email on [email protected] and say hi and then I can be your long distance martial arts internet lover. If you have a skype web cam we can play 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'.

Video Resources

If you right click on these and select 'save target as' that is the best way to go. It is not easy to divide into elementary or advanced as it really comes down to your ability. This roughly the order we go through - there are steps missing. Some of these are along the lines of 'this is really how it should be done'. Some of these are ideas to play with to stretch / strenthen the core concepts. Hope it is obvious which is which. This was all done before the world of youtube - so might now seem a bit laborious. here is my San Zhan for a start.


Ben Gong How,
Tong Tong how.
Ben Gong bu how,
Tong Tong Bu How.
Fundamentals good,
Every good,
Fundamentals not good
Everything not good

San Zhan ( or San Jan or San Chin or Sanchin or SanChiem...

We say 100 students, 100 san jans!! - check out the differences. Also look at official system web site for more examples and information on this form.
Pan with child
With Mr Huang - after rather a lot of bai jiou
Mr Huangs (my first teacher) student
Mr Chen in Nan An (also a first rate musician)

The following are all me. Each time I think I have it right!! and then a year later I look back and think - oh dear oh dear oh dear...
having said that....the last one ( 2006 ) is definitely the best of the lot...er...
Me in Wu Shu Guan August 2004
Me Jan 2005
Me Nov 2005
Me August 2006 - 22Meg hi res

compare with my teacher at top of this page

An intro so San Zhan for Monsieur Fleury ( 30 Meg )

1 'basic' push hands

For Ni Kawa Kai 2005

Playing with parries and punches 2002 (3 Meg)

Bit more Advanced

Shr San Tai Bau ( 13 defenses - 13 Wonders ) 20Meg Sep 06

Bit more Advanced?

shoiuw chian (small 1000) - playing outside a temple 2004.

Bit more difficult not necessarily more advanced

Ba Shou ( 8 hands ) ( 2.5 Meg )
What is going on here?

Bit more Advanced !

These are really advanced basics. ( a bit difficult to describe ).
A shaking drill.
Stretching the wings || Small (0.6 Meg)||Big (1.8 Meg)

Playing with Simple movements. There is really only one move in this drill - what most people would call an outward block and an palm strike.
Jian Dan 1 Play || Small (1.1 Meg)||Big (3.5 Meg)

Learn more about what is going on here..

For power generation playing see  the devil, the detail and the deep blue sea...  from 2003 / 4. 

Most Advanced?

There is more than can ever be conveyed, only discovered. In the confusion and laughter, beneath the music and the excercise through the alchohol and tobacco fumes and wrapped in freindship may you will find the heart of your kung fu.

The heart of kung fu. ( 6.8 Meg )