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Grúa Blanco Kung Fu / White Crane kung fu

Alaro / Mallorca / Spain

Martin Watts

[email protected]



Residential kung fu holiday courses in mallorca

Pan Cheng Miao, Yong Chwun, Bai He Chuen


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---New Year 2006
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Hola! - eso es mis pagines de web sobre el stylo Grua Blanco Kung Fu. Lo Siento - quando hablo espanol no es perfecto - pero el Kung Fu que practicamos es mucho mas mejor!

No es que todo en estes paginas son de grulla blanca. Para eso - buscas www.yongchunbaihechuen.com site!

Yong chun es un pueble en Fu Jian. Pan Chung Miao es jefe de un de los lineas de grua blanca en yong chun. Yong Chun is a town in Fu Jian.Pan Chung Miao is a the head of one of 4 active lineages of White Crane in Yong Chwun. ( see map and more info ) Fu Jian is a province in South China.Yong Chwun is also a type of Kung fu. However in Yong Chwun they practise White Crane Kung Fu ( Bai He Chuen ).

We practice in a village in mallorca called Alaro. When? - whenever anyone comes over to play!

Practicamos in Alaro. El numero es: 971 510 046.Uno mes es 10 Euro para pagar la salle. Practico mas o menos todos los dias.

Si tu quieres empieza, tu tiene que practica tres veces todas las semanas con yo juntos para uno monata. If you want to come a vist us - fantastic - especially if you are a traditional kung fu player you will be most welcome. Lots of cheap flights - but be warned that I have a big work and family life, so can do max 3 hours per day with guests - otherwise Clare will leave me.

Through this site I have got in contact with players all over the world, and helped people get in contact with each other. Drop me an email on [email protected] and say hi if you like this site.

I am making a little Wu Shu Guan in Alaro which we will call the Jung Hai Wu Shu Guan ( Wu Shu Guan in the middle of the sea ) to keep us close to our roots - and in which we can keep our tie ba ( trident ) once I have made it - now where was that diagram......

Our Friends

Richard. A man who can actually do Ed Parkers Kenpo karate.

Video Resources

If you right click on these and select 'save target as' that is the best way to go.
It is not easy to divide into elementary or advanced as it really comes down to your ability.
This roughly the order we go through - there are steps missing.
Some of these are along the lines of 'this is really how it should be done'.
Some of these are ideas to play with to stretch / strenthen the core concepts.
Hope it is obvious which is which.


Ben Gong How,
Tong Tong how.
Ben Gong bu how,
Tong Tong Bu How.
Fundamentals good,
Every good,
Fundamentals not good
Everything not good

San Zhan ( or San Jan or San Chin or Sanchin or SanChiem...

We say 100 students, 100 san jans!! - check out the differences. Also look at official system web site for more examples and information on this form.
Pan with child
With Mr Huang - after rather a lot of bai jiou
Mr Huangs (my first teacher) student
Mr Chen in Nan An (also a first rate musician)
Me in Wu Shu Guan
compare with my teacher at top of this page

An intro for Monsieur Fleury ( 30 Meg )

6 basic moves

These are the things you should be practising you lazy cranes!!

Jian Dan 1 ( simple 1 ) || See advanced section for where you can take this single move..
Jian Dan 2 ( simple 2 )
Jian Dan 3 ( simple 3 )
Jian Dan 4 ( simple 4 )
Jian Dan 5 ( simple 5 )
Jian Dan 6 ( simple 6 )
These are not basic!! ( see the devil, the detail and the deep blue sea... )

1 'basic' push hands

For Ni Kawa Kai

2 man hand play
This is not crane - just for fun!! - my freinds here have been playing for 3 months. Soon I think they will be teaching me..
The 4 Parry Puches

Playing with them (these next 4 are .wmv files and and may not play on all pcs - go for really playing! if so):
Downward Inward

Really Playing!!(3 Meg)

Warmup set( 1 Meg ) - not from White Crane system - but we use this to warm up sometimes (coz it feels good and I hate situps/squat thrusts/press ups!). Better resolution( 10 Meg ).

Bit more Advanced

In the gym. Nov 2004.

Shr San Tai Bau ( 13 defenses - 13 Wonders ) Front ( 3 Meg ) || Side ( better view ) ( 3 Meg ) || ||Learn More

Bit more Advanced

shoiuw chian (small 1000) - playing outside a temple.

Bit more Advanced

Ba Shou ( 8 hands ) ( 2.5 Meg )||Learn More

Bit more Advanced

These are really advanced basics. ( a bit difficult to describe ).
The first is just a shaking drill.
The second is just Jian Dan 1 but taken much further along.
Stretching the wings || Small (0.6 Meg)||Big (1.8 Meg)

Jian Dan 1 Play || Small (1.1 Meg)||Big (3.5 Meg)

Learn more about what is going on here..

Movement initiation . 

Kicks from the root (1 Meg)
Twist Leading (4.7 Mg)
No twist (.9 Mg) for more on this see the devil, the detail and the deep blue sea...

Most Advanced?

There is more than can ever be conveyed, only discovered. In the confusion and laughter, beneath the music and the excercise through the alchohol and tobacco fumes and wrapped in freindship may you will find the heart of your kung fu.

The heart of kung fu. ( 6.8 Meg )